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Professional awards entry writers
can make the difference

Preparing an industry awards entry is hard work! Our awards entry writers know; they have completed around 30 – and won state and national accolades.

Using the services of professional awards entry writers will give you the best chance of impressing the competition’s judging panel. One of our specialist awards entry writers can deal with all the requirements of the entry:

  • gathering huge amounts of information
  • answering the multitude of questions
  • writing responses that highlight the quality of your achievements – within word limits
  • compiling photographic and other documentary evidence
  • meeting strict deadlines.

It can be hard to fit in the demanding requirements of an awards entry on top of an already-demanding job. Bringing in a professional industry awards entry writer is a solution that ensures you produce a top-quality entry without further stress on you and in plenty of time to meet the submission deadline.

If you are a serious contender for your industry’s awards program but have not yet recorded a win, using professional awards submission writers could be the edge you need. We analyse the questions asked and provide the exact content required to best present your achievements.

Professional Word Services is Melbourne based and prefers to work with Melbourne organisations in writing awards entries. This is because of the detailed information that needs to be gathered and the opportunity to conduct site visits to enhance our understanding. Assignments with organisations in other states will be considered based on the entry subject and requirements.

How our awards entry writers work

Contact us before or as soon as the awards entry requirements are released; do not wait until a week before the submission deadline! Generally, we will allocate one awards entry writer for each entry you wish to make.

Our awards entry writers will:

  • read the entry criteria thoroughly, noting the deadline and any special requirements (e.g. photos, testimonial letters)
  • gather information through site visits and interviews with key staff
  • write excellent answers to the questions
  • produce a completed entry (usually in a Word file) for review and amendment
  • compile any photographs required plus any other type of documents as evidence
  • follow stated requirements for entry submission (e.g. load the approved and finalised material into an online entry system or upload as a PDF)
  • meet the entry submission deadline
  • produce a Word/PDF copy for your records.

Our successes as awards entry writers

The Professional Word Services team has had particular success with one client in the building and construction industry. This client has used our team every year since 2010 to write between one and four entries for a large awards program.

Over this time we have had several wins and highly commended in the Victorian state awards, culminating in 2017 with wins in four categories (from four entries). All four winners went on to compete in the national finals, with one winning the top prize in its national category.

Read what Rob Selymesi, General Manager of Nilsen (Vic) Pty Ltd, has to say about the work of our awards entry writers.

Nilsen (Vic) has a long-standing working relationship with Paula Ruzek and her dedicated writing team. For the past eight years, Professional Word Services has produced our NECA Excellence Award submissions, with 2017 proving our year to truly shine. Paula and her writers worked with four of our project teams to capture, in detail, the meticulous planning, design and execution of major electrical and data communication works. In 2017, with the writing team’s detailed preparation, Nilsen (Vic) secured four wins from four submissions in NECA’s Victorian division awards – an unprecedented result for us. In going on to the national finals, we achieved one national category win, too. A pleasure to work with and highly professional, I recommend Paula Ruzek to anyone seeking professional writing services.

Winning an industry award is exciting, energising, and excellent public recognition of the strength and innovation of your business. Do you want to lodge the best possible awards entry? Call or email us today to book one of our professional awards entry writers.

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