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A tender writer requires a rare
and difficult skillset

Tender writing is perhaps the most important business writing of all because doing it successfully can bring in hundreds of thousands — or millions — of dollars of new business or retain an important customer.

Professional Word Services’ tender writers will undertake request for information (RFI), expression of interest (EOI), and small-to-medium request for proposal (RFP) and request for tender (RFT) documents with organisations based in Melbourne only (we prefer to work face-to-face on tender writing assignments).

We are also highly skilled in writing entries for industry awards programs, which share many similarities with tender responses. If you are a serious contender, our awards entry writers can boost the quality and professionalism of your submission. (See ‘Expert writers for industry awards entries’ below and our industry awards entry writers page.)

Where do you start in writing a tender?

Tackling a tender, especially for the first time, can be an overwhelming task. Do you just start writing and answer the questions? How do you know what the requesting organisation really wants to see in your tender response?

Professional Word Services brings a plethora of skills, abilities and experience in its tender writers plus a proven process for writing a tender or proposal response.

First, we will work with you to devise a tender response strategy that emphasises your ability to meet the requesting organisation’s key evaluation criteria. Second, we take on the role of tender writer, with you and your nominated representatives as the key informants in providing the crucial information that forms the tender’s content.

As part of our process, our tender writer will work from your office to ensure ready access to people and information. The tender writer will talk to your people individually as needed to gather information (say, 10-30 minutes at a time), then allow them to go back to their work while the tender writer shapes the information into a compelling response.

What skills and abilities are required in a tender writer?

Tender responses are not just about writing, although once in the hands of the requesting organisation they do succeed or fail on the quality of their content.

To write a tender that will increase the likelihood of success, the tender writer must be able to:

  • analyse the tender document and, in conjunction with the client, devise a response strategy. This focuses around the primary messages that need to be emphasised throughout the response
  • approach the tender process from the point of view of the customer or prospect
  • organise their time, and everyone else’s, to pull all the required information together within a specified time frame
  • absorb, understand and analyse huge amounts of information in a very short time
  • write fluently, persuasively and quickly
  • meet inflexible deadlines.

Daunted? Professional Word Services can provide all these skills, and more, in its tender writing service. Call or email us today to find out more.

Skilled tender writers for tender teams

Professional Word Services team members can also work as part of a larger tender team; for example, we worked as tender writers, copy editors and proofreaders for a major bidder during the massive tender processes for Melbourne’s train and tram networks in 2009.

We can take on tasks such as writing, editing, proofreading, and co-writing with subject matter experts, or even establishing the documentation’s style/writing guide. Tender team engagements can be full-time or part-time, from a few days up to a few months. This service is available to Melbourne-based organisations.

Do you need more skilled people to supplement your tender team? Call us today on 03 9583 5884 or 0418 532 114 or email us to find out more.

Expert writers for industry awards entries

Professional Word Services has long experience writing entries for industry awards. Such entries are much like writing a tender response: huge amounts of information required, a lot of questions to answer, word limits, inflexible deadlines, and so on.

We have had particular success with one client in the building and construction industry over many years, culminating in four category wins (from four entries) in the 2017 Victorian awards. All four winners went on to compete in the national finals, with one winning the top prize in its national category.

If you are a serious contender for your industry’s annual awards program but have not yet cracked a win, consider using Professional Word Services to boost the quality and professionalism of your entry. It may just be the edge you need. (Also see our industry awards entry writers page.)

Do you want to lodge the best possible awards entry? Call us today on 03 9583 5884 or 0418 532 114 or email us to find out more.

Free-form proposals to explain new products or services

Not all proposals that an organisation needs to create are done in response to a formal tender document. A free-form proposal or ‘white paper’ type document can be an excellent format to inform prospects about a new or existing product or service.

A proposal or white paper enables a more detailed, considered and persuasive way of presenting information based on a profile of the prospects and the type of product or service they are being offered.

Professional Word Services’ skills as a tender writer can be applied to the free-form proposal format. We can create a document of, say, 5-15 pages (or longer if required) that will thoroughly explain and persuasively market your product or service.

Professional Word Services prefers to work face-to-face with clients in writing tenders, awards entries and proposals. Therefore, these services are only available to organisations based in Melbourne.

To find out more about our services as a tender writer, awards entry writer or free-form proposal writer, please call or email to discuss your needs.

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