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What can our skilled professional tender writer
do for your business?

Professional Word Services’ tender writer works with individuals and small to medium-sized organisations to prepare tender responses that give them the best chance of winning. Our professional tender writer takes on small to medium-sized tenders (EOI, RFP, RFT) issued by government, business, statutory authorities and similar that have deadlines of up to six weeks.

Using the services of our professional tender writer brings many benefits:

  1. Assistance in developing a tender response strategy based on key messages.
  2. Expertise in persuasive writing, plus editing and proofreading skills.
  3. Knowledge of how to analyse a question and write a structured response that answers the question asked, with a keen focus on the evaluation criteria.
  4. Writing of an outstanding executive summary.
  5. Organisational skills that ensure the tender response is completed and lodged by the deadline.
  6. Writing of complementary documents such as a business profile, policies, methodologies and plans.
  7. Much reduced time away from your day-to-day job of running your business.

If you want to use our professional tender writer, book ahead. Tenders are long, complex documents and every minute from release to lodgement deadline is needed.

Our Melbourne-based tender writer has more than 10 years of experience working with companies in industries such as electrical contracting, plumbing, construction, interpreting and translating, event management, government and more.

Professional Word Services works mainly with clients in Melbourne, Victoria, using a mix of working at the client office, telephone and Zoom. Our professional tender writer is also willing to take on regional and interstate assignments using telephone and Zoom.

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Editing and review of tender response documents

Our professional tender writer is also a skilled editor and document reviewer. For documents written in-house, Professional Word Services offers a critical review of your work against the tender documentation. This includes:

  • assessing if you have answered the actual questions asked
  • checking for missed questions/sections
  • editing and, if needed, restructuring text to best answer questions
  • pointing out areas where information has been missed or could be added
  • reducing word count where an answer exceeds any stated word limit
  •  pumping up the persuasiveness of the writing
  • ensuring a consistent style of spelling, capitalisation, etc., has been used throughout the documents
  • ensuring the document formatting (usually in Word) is consistent and professional.

If you want to use this tender review service, book ahead. Time to undertake the review and act on the feedback needs to be built into your schedule to ensure you lodge the tender response by the deadline.
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