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The Professional Word Services Library

The Library is where we share practical, work-related information and a few fun things with site visitors. We’ve got lots of ideas and plans, all subject to finding time aside from client work to do them!

The latest addition: do you need an editor or a proofreader?

There is often confusion among potential clients about when you need an editor and when you need a proofreader. What’s the difference between the two? What do they do? Does one cost more than the other? This guide answers those questions, plus includes a checklist so you can work out the level of assistance you should be seeking.

Editor or proofreader?

Download this information PDF (2.6MB), which includes a checklist

More learning resources

Previous additions to the library are listed below.

Possessive apostrophes

Simple rules for using possessive apostrophes (PDF, 1.68MB)

Its, it's or its'?

Three rules for selecting the correct ‘its’ (PDF, 302KB)

A favourite cartoon

This great cartoon has been decorating our office for many years, copied from another copy at another office. We finally did a Google search to find the cartoonist, Eve Corbel, and she has generously allowed us to reproduce it in our library.

Reproduced with permission of Eve Corbel, Geist magazine, www.geist.com

Developing the muscles of the soul demands no competitive spirit, no killer instinct, although it may erect pain barriers that the spiritual athlete must crash through.

Germaine Greer

1931- , Australian activist

If you can’t see why all the apostrophes in this shop sign are incorrect, read ‘Possessive apostrophes: simple rules for using possessive apostrophes’.

‘India braces for day-night summer Test’, The Age, 18 February 2020. Sports, page 38. Not ‘it is’, just ‘its’. If you can’t see why, read ‘Its, it’s or its’?’ (see left)