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Build your business credibility by using a professional business profile writer

A professional business profile is an essential tool in the constant quest to impress prospects and win new business. Our professional business profile writer, or company profile writer, can create a profile suited to your needs – for use on LinkedIn, a business website, a single or double-sided PDF for emailing/print, or a luxurious multi-page booklet that requires some real writing flair to create a unique picture.

Our business profile writers work with clients in Melbourne and all around Australia to produce top-quality, easy-to-read business profiles.

Characteristics of a top-quality business profile

A good business profile should add credibility and authority to your business. It should be:

  • well organised, with information easy to find and in logical order
  • well written and free of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • authentic and speak to your prospect market
  • informative, detailing your business’s products and services, its history and business philosophy, and its experience, achievements and strengths. It should make the case for why your business is the best option for meeting the prospect’s needs
  • a positive influence on the prospect’s decision to meet with you or buy from you.

The best way to achieve these characteristics is to use a professional business profile writer. Our business profile writer has written profiles for a range of business types, including tradesmen and trades contractors, major manufacturers, transport companies, building companies, interpreting/translating services, conference and event organisers, IT companies, and more.

The process used by our business profile writer

Writing a top-quality business profile is based on gaining a good understanding of your business and its strengths. That requires information – and lots of it. Our business profile writer will either:

  • come to your business offices to conduct an interview and, if relevant, undertake a site tour
  • conduct an extensive telephone interview to learn about your business.

Business profiles come in different sizes and styles; our business profile writer will discuss with you how you wish to use the profile and what you think will best suit your needs.

We provide your completed profile as a plain Word document. For stand-alone business profiles, the addition of some basic graphic elements (e.g. photos and colour) will help it to make a better impression. You can add these elements yourself or use the services of your own graphic designer. For an additional cost, Professional Word Services can do a basic design for your business profile in Word. We can also organise the services of an excellent professional graphic designer (at extra cost).

A professionally designed business profile

Words read much better when presented with professional graphic design.

Write your own profile – free business profile templates

Sometimes all you need is a simple format, and then perhaps a little assistance to clean it up. Professional Word Services offers two simple, free templates for download that you can fill in yourself to create a neat and basic profile.

If you would like a little ‘clean up’ assistance, for a cost of $33 (inc. GST) our business profile writer will edit your profile (spelling, grammar, etc.) and put in notes (if relevant) to suggest improvements or additions. Our business profile writer will also insert/resize your company logo (if you have not already done it) as part of this service.

If you have an electronic letterhead file in Word, the profile structure from style 1 can usually be successfully copied into the file.

Free business profile style 1

This is a basic one-page format.

Free business profile style 2

This format usually runs to 2-3 pages.

We are Melbourne based, but through the resources of the Internet and modern communications options we work with clients Australia wide.

Are you in need of a business profile? Call Professional Word Services on 03 9583 5884 or 0418 532 114 or email us to discuss your needs.

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