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Take your pick: professional writer, editor, proofreader, tender writer, business profile writer, awards entry writer, manuals writer

Professional Word Services’ versatile and experienced professional writers, editors and proofreaders can meet many needs for written business communications. Find out more about what we do through this overview page, then select the service you would like to learn about in more detail. We are happy to discuss your needs and answer questions via telephone or email.

Professional writer

We take pride in the versatility of writing types and topics we can take on, such as client case studies, co-writing or ghost-writing, articles for trade publications, general business collateral, plus specialist areas such as tender writing and business profile writing.

Professional editor

Improve the quality and effectiveness of existing or newly written material through editing of grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence construction, word usage, length, assessment of overall logic and coherence, and more. Rewrites can be provided where necessary.

Professional proofreader

Have your important documents checked before they become public or are presented to a client to get them as close as possible to 100% as possible in this detail-oriented field.

Tender writer

Tender writing is hard work, especially when you still have to meet the requirements of a demanding job. Bringing in some extra help to get the work done by the deadline is a great investment.

Policy and procedures manuals

Have those difficult but necessary company documents such as policy and procedure manuals, instruction manuals, operations manuals, process manuals and more rewritten using Information Mapping into organised, structured and easily accessible documents.

Awards entry writer

Preparing an awards entry is similar to writing a tender — it’s hard work! Using a professional awards entry writer will give you the best chance of impressing the competition’s judging panel.

Company and business profile writer

A professional business profile is an essential tool in the constant quest to impress prospects and win new business. Our business profile writer can create a profile from one page in length right up to a luxurious multi-page brochure that requires real writing flair.

Proofreading course for business

Learn basic proofreading skills for business professionals in a one-hour professional development session. This is a new service offering aimed at companies where improved proofreading skills would be an advantage in their staff’s day-to-day work.